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Galaxy Links

  1. Webb's Web Galaxy, the best GalaxyNG server we ever had, maintained by Steve Webb.
  2. REF's GalaxyNG Site, other GalaxyNG server maintained by Remo Fleckinger.
  3. Nine Lives GalaxyNG Server, other GalaxyNG server maintained by Chris Shaffer.
  4. Italian GalaxyNG GIGA Server, GalaxyNG server for italian players.
  5. GalaxyNG on SourceForge.net, GalaxyNG is an open source project hosted on SourceForge.net. Assistance, comments, suggestions and chocolate chip cookies are always welcome.
  6. Falcon Galaxy Pages, Paul van der Valk's galaxy page.
  7. Howard's Blind Galaxy Page
  8. Bernhard Schmidt's Blind Galaxy Server
  9. The Play By Mail News Group