Galaxy military strategy guide: PART 3

Written by Jacco van Weert


Galaxy Elric: Zargon Expeditional Force (ZEF)


This chapter covers an example of an expeditional force in the Galaxy game. Expeditional forces are especially in the early stages of the game very effective. In fact this whole strategy is ment as an 'Blitzkrieg', the elric game was decided before turn 40.
At the moment when I am writing this chapter I just suffered the loss of a whole PanzerArmy in the Galaxy paradis game. This mainly because the game is at turn 50 and there are huge armies flying around. I forgotten to switch up to an extended organisation. More about this in the chapter The defeat of the Panzer and the chapter The new PanzerArmies in the middle-game in which the extended structure of the PanzerArmies will be covered.

Situation after the FORMOS-offensive

On the map only the main-races ZOC's are displayed, with some main planets.

0							     60
			  *	  |
			     *	  |
				* |
	Zargon			  /
			    *  /
    *			   ---/
----\		   *	  /


			   /	    |
------------------\   ----/	   /
	   	   \ /		  /
		   |3|		 /
Daernithy	   |+|	Gobi	/
		   / /	       /
		  / /	      /	    Triffids
		 / /	     |		
		/ /	  /-/	    +2
	--------  |	 /
-------/	  |	/
		  |	|		+4
		  |	|

The Daernithy and Gobi area's are rich on planets. Especially the Gobi area was full of planets. On the right side of Gobi the Triffids are located. They didn't own that many planets but planet #1 and #2 were captured homeplanets.

Diplomatic situation

As said the relation towards Daernithy was getting better all the time. Because right after the FORMOS-offensive I send some armed probes to some Gobi planets it kept the relation quite tense, Gobi returned the favour but in the end everything calmed down. In one of my foolish senses for dramatics I offered FORMOS the hide-out planet #1, well the next turn this message was globalized and I got hammered on my head by the Triffids who rightfully owned the planet. To make a long story short, the relation with the Triffids was not quite good.

The ZEF sets sail

The whole ZEF consist out of two E-Divisions. One was stationed in the north and played only a minor role in the initial ZEF-action, the other however was the key E-Division. At the start this E-Division consist out of 1 MG (m=49) 1 ADG (m=49) and a number of D's.
Because there was no time for extensive gathering of the forces a SG (m=about 70) was already send forward to claim a standoff planet.

The standoff planet

A standoff planet is very important for a E-Div it will function as hide-out place. After a search the unhabited small planet 3 was found. The SG was send to it quickly followed by the rest of the E-Div. From planet 3 the whole Gobi area could be covered and further more there was a Gobi drone placed at planet 3. This was quite handy because of the known ZEF-presence Gobi had to cover all their planets. Furthermore from planet 3 the southern Triffid area was well in range.

The Triffid operation

The Zargon - Triffids war was mainly fought by global messages. I think the whole thing was quite funny.... stories where covering talking plants, O.J. Simpson trails , kidnapped girls, mental institutes for Triffids...etc..etc....
BTW: Why are there no more funny stories anymore??, the whole Elric game was one big global message feast.

The whole thing ended with incoming probes from both sides and a war was at hand.
Planet #1 shouldn't be much of a problem because it was far away from the Triffid homeland. The planet #1 area was covered by the Alpheus-Corps which consist out of 2 divisions;

The Borm-Division would attack planet #1 and thereafter swing to the south. The 2 SSD would act as follow up fleet, in other words it will hold planet #1, if the Borm-Div would fail it would act as a firstline defence.
The adventure in the operation was performed by the ZEF. The ZEF would start from their stand-off planet one turn before the attack on planet #1 started. This to create the fog of war. Planet #2 (homeplanet) was the target, planet #4 as possible extension, further south the Triffid homeplanet was situated, but this was not the goal.

The outcome

Planet #1 was captured as planned and the Borm-Division was send to the south. At the same moment the ZEF was heading for planet #2. The Triffids knew their forces were incapable of withstanding the ZEF and retreated their forces back to planet #4 and futher south. At the time planet #1 and #2 were captured the diplomatic channels were again running at high speed.


The Triffid military operation was over, not of course the global message war ;-). East of Planet #1 the strong Chodish empire was situated, they made it quite clear that the Zargons were only allowed to colonize planet #1 at low COL level. Furthermore I *thought* I could colonize planet #3 but, GOTCHA, Gobi suddenly colonized the planet instead of me. Gobi had promised to the Triffids their help and so they did, as soon as the Triffids were recovered they could recolonize it. This left me with virtually nothing, however the Chodish were at that time also performing a southern military operation. Quickly a part of the ZEF was send to that area, at this moment a deal was made, Zargon could develop the important planet #1 in return the ZEF was pulled back to their operative area.