Galaxy military strategy guide: PART 1

Written by Jacco van Weert


Experience with the Galaxy PBeM game is needed to fully understand the guide, you should also read the Galaxy beginners guide (by Greg Lindahl) and the Ship design guide (by Howard Bampton)

0: Introduction

Why this guide?

Is this the all-out winning strategy?

1: Military organisation


Galaxy is a wargame and should be treated as such. The most important thing is to divide the different area's into ZOC's (Zones Of Controls). At the beginning your ZOC is of course very small, but the trick is to expand your ZOC as soon as possible. ZOC's should be splitted into several smaller ones as soon as they are becoming to large. Example:

			*1			*2



		*5					*6


		*8				*9

   <------------------------xx Ly---------------------------->

When we define 1 ZOC the central planet is #7 and could function as HQ and reserve depot. However this area is hard to defend when attacked from several sides. Therefore it's better to split the ZOC in 2 ZOC's.

ZOC 1: Covering planets 3,1,5 & 8
ZOC 2: Covering planets 4,2,6 & 9

Planet 7 should be the HQ of both ZOC's.
Of course when your Drive Tech increases the ZOC's are decreasing.

Military structure

I consider the use of forts obsolete and this should be avoided at all costs. The military structure should be flexible and dynamical at all positions. I normally use the following military structure;

			Player ;-)
			  |			   |
			  |			Cargo fleets (not covered).
	|		|		|			|
      Army	      PanzerArmy      ExpeditionalArmy	     Passive Reserve

  • Player - THAT'S YOU!
  • Cargo fleets - the boring part of Galaxy ;-(, I am not covering this because.... I NOT VERY GOOD AT THIS.... sniff..snotter...
  • Army - Consists mostly out of out-dated ships, I rarely update ships I just move them to Army ZOC's. The Army controls a ZOC which lies well behind the frontline. An Army could serve as Follow-up army.
  • PanzerArmy - The main attack/defend force consists out of the latest hardware. The PanzerArmy normally occupies the frontline positions and performs the offensive actions.
  • ExpeditionalArmy - A ZOC-less army, it contains HighSpeed-Divisions which have a free role in striking far behind the enemy lines and to divert the enemy forces.
  • Passive Reserve - The reserve-units to be send to trouble-spots.

			PanzerArmy / Army
		|		|		|
	     1st Corps	      HQ Corps	      2nd Corps

1st and 2nd Corps could consist out of 1 of more Divisions all depending or their ZOC coverage. The 1st Corps normally covers the Northern/Eastern part and the 2nd Corps the Southern/Western. Depending on the layout of the ZOC's the coverage could change, in worst case when cut-off from the other armies it should from a Hedge-position.
The HQ-Corps act's as reserve and rebuild corps, when a division is heavly damaged it's send back to the HQ-Corps were it's refitted and reinforced. The HQ-Corps can also contain several special forces units, e.g. small Divisions and special 'Fort-busters' and other goodies, all depending of the position of the (Panzer) army...and it's ....TAM-TAM-TAM..TATAAA!!!...(dark voice) "mission".
Important is the fact that a PanzerArmy is self-supporting and can therefore perform long campaigns on it's own.

		|		|		:
		|		|		:
	    E-Division	      E-Division     ........
	    (see Division)

E-Division a fast division, normally ships with drives 50% of their mass.

		|		|		:
		|		|		:
	     Division	      Division	    .........
	|	|	|	|	|	|

Division, the layout of an fully equiped division, of course most of the time the division is way under strength due to battle or minor front importance. And furthermore in the early stages of the game a Division could be much smaller.

  • MG = (MainGun) +/- mass 100: 1 or 2 Large guns.
  • SG = (SecondaryGun) +/- mass 100: 2 to 4 Large guns.
  • MTG = (MultiTertiaryGuns) +/- mass 50/100: about 10 guns.
  • ADG = (AntiDeflectorGuns) +/- mass 100: about 40 guns.
  • PD = PowerDeflectors +/- mass 2/3: small gun or shield.
  • D = Deflectors +/- mass 1/2: Drones.

All units in the Division should have more or the less the same speed, except for the Deflectors, their speed should be higher because they are the first to go in a battle and should be reenforced from the Army's reserves.