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Galaxy Tools

Last update: November 5-th, 2003

1 Turn Analyzers

  1. GalaxyView is a turn viewer for Galaxy (standard, GalaxyNG and Blind Galaxy). Features include a map with detailed information, a ship designer, a move editor, a battle simulator and online help. The ability to automatically detect which planets are owned by which players distinguishes this program from other turn viewers.

    This page also has a very nice table Galaxy Tools Comparison that compares all the features of the different viewers.

  2. GalaxyTV, Tim Hughes's graphical turn analyzer/orders generator for MSWindows.
  3. MKGal a Windows 95/98/NT galaxy viewer for Blind, Normal, NG and NG-Blind games.
  4. galng.tcl is a turn viewer which works on Unix and Win32.
  5. Goggle a Curses-based turn viewer for UNIX systems maintained by Robin Lee Powell.
  6. GVNG. The name NG is a coincidence. It is the next generation of the GV viewer. It's home page is on http://www.gvng.com/GVNGAccess/index.srf/ and may also download it from there.
  7. omsview, a GTK+ turn viewer and ship designer for Unix/X11 systems.
  8. Phoenix. Feature packed viewer includes drag and drop, scouting, warship routing to the frontline, planet production minus upgrading and intelligent ship designer. Galaxy and GalaxyNG compatible.
  9. A Macintosh Galaxy Viewer

2 Map Programs

  1. Planetmap A program to create a map of the galaxy in postscript format (C source)

3 Battle Simulators

  1. WOPR C Source
  2. batsim (MSWindows)

4 Ship Designers

  1. shipyard tcl/tk Source

5 Misc

  1. dist C Source