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GalaxyNG Quick Reference Manual

GalaxyNG release-4-1 (Dec 1999)

General Orders
@ [nation ...] Send a message to one or more nations.
= <Your real name> Set your real name for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.
A <nation> Declare peace to another nation.
B <group> <number of ships> Break off a number of ships from a group to form a new group.
C <new name> Rename your nation.
D <type name> <drive> <attacks> <weapons> <shields> <cargo> Design a new ship type.
E <type name> Erase a ship type.
F <nation> Find the email address of another nation.
G <group> [number of ships] Upgrade the tech levels of a group.
H <group> Reverse course of a group.
I <group> <planet> [number of ships] Send a group on an intercept mission.
L <group> <cargo type> [number-of-ships] [AMOUNT <amount>] Load a group with cargo.
M <x> <y> <size> Change the map size of your report.
N <old planet name> <new planet name> Rename a planet.
O <option> Set a game option.
P <planet> <product> Set the production type for a planet.
Q <your nation name> Quit the game.
R <origin planet> <cargo type> [destination planet] Set a cargo route between two planets.
S <group> <planet> [number of ships] Send a groups or a number of ships from a group to a planet.
T <type name> <new name> Rename a ship type.
U <group> [number-of-ships] [AMOUNT <amount>] Unload cargo from a group.
V <planet> Claim ownership over a planet.
W <nation> Declare war on a nation.
X <group> [number-of-ships] Scrap a group of ships.
Y <passwd> Change your password.
Z <new address> Change the email address turn reports are sent to.
Fleet Orders
B <group> FLEET Remove Group groupno from it's current fleet
D FLEET <fleet name> Create a fleet called fleetname
E <fleet name> Disband Fleet fleet name.
I <fleet> <planet> Intercept ships at planetname with Fleet fleetname.
J <group> <fleet> [number-of-ships] Add Group groupno to Fleet fleetname. If it is currently with another fleet it will be moved to the new fleet.
J <fleet 1> <fleet 2> Merge fleet 1 into fleet 2 leaving fleet 1 empty.
S <fleet> <planet> Send Fleet fleet to planet
T <fleet> <new fleet name> Change the name of the fleet.