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Hall Of Fame

The New Hall Of Fame

Winners are listed in the Hall of Fame, maintained by Luís Arocha Hernández, who has almost all games and players in his database.

The Old Hall Of Fame

The Hall Of Fame, it is based on the results of over 100 games.

Scoring Method

The Hall of Fame (HOF) is based on victory points. Whenever a game finished the top players are awarded victory points. If a player wins several games his or her victory points are added.

How many victory points a player gets depends on the size of the game and on the position in the hitlist of the last and final turn. The hitlist shows the ranking of the players based on their effective industry (1/4*(Pop-Ind)+Ind).

Based on this the victory points are computed as follows, if a game started with N players:

Only the first N/2 active players get points.

To keep the list clean you only get points when your full name (or alias) is known.

You can have a look at the database to see if you have lost some points. The database contains the full information about all the games that are listed in the hall of fame. Players of whom the full name is not known are commented out with a "#". If you are commented out, send me an email fslothouber@acm.org, and you will be awarded the points. Send a turn report as proof.

This program is used to compute the hall of fame from the database.

Special Games